Missouri Common Ground Mission

The mission of Missouri Common Ground is to promote communication among responsible parties to identify and encourage the use of Best Practices for underground facility damage prevention for public safety and welfare.

Building on the spirit of shared responsibility, Missouri Common Ground was formed to help promote communication among those people who are responsible for protecting underground facilities. Missouri Common Ground will work with you to identify and support the use of Best Practices for preventing damage to underground facilities.

More than ever, we need to improve communication and coordination among those who can impact the excavation process.

Capital Building in Jefferson City Missouri

Missouri Common Ground is an alliance between the people who are responsible for protecting underground facilities from excavation damage. Those who impact the excavation process share this responsibility:

  • Plan and Design
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Locate and Mark
  • Protect

By working together, underground facility owners, contract locators, design professionals, Missouri One Call, excavators, contractors, regulators and other responsible parties can improve damage prevention, which affects:

  • Public Safety
  • Worker Safety
  • Excavation Downtime
  • Community Prosperity
  • Service Reliability
  • Facility Repair Costs
  • Environmental Protection

Grassroots support and participation is the foun­dation upon which we must build a successful damage prevention program in Missouri.