As April approaches and the official start of “Safe Digging Month” officially gets underway in Missouri, the Missouri Common Ground Alliance would like to take the opportunity to remind you in April and all throughout the year to dig carefully – especially near underground utilities.

Throughout the nation and even recently in our own backyard, underground utility lines are damaged far too frequently. Because of the significant increase in the amount of infrastructure that is buried out of site, the risk for damage has never been greater. With the exponential increase in fiber installation necessary to carry faster bandwidth to homes both urban and rural, in addition to the rehabilitation of numerous gas, electric, water, and sewer facilities, the invisible landscape of Missouri’s underground utilities is changing at record speed.

The MO CGA, in cooperation with related associations and organizations seeks to raise awareness about the risks and to educate as many excavators, contractors, and homeowners about the importance of damage prevention.

In April and beyond, we encourage you to do your part in making every time you dig a safer experience.

For more information on how to get involved with the MO CGA and any of our awareness efforts, please visit the Contact page to email one of our staff.

For those looking to get involved with the Damage Prevention & Excavation Safety Summit hosted by the MO CGA, please contact the 2014 Summit Chairman Derek Leffert at your convenience.