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About the Missouri Common Ground Alliance

We promote communication among responsible parties to identify and encourage the use of Best Practices for underground facility damage prevention for public safety and welfare.

We accomplish this through promoting effective communication of Best Practices for the prevention of underground facility damage and heightened safety initiatives to all responsible parties and stakeholders.

We Lead. We Save Lives.

We work cooperatively with excavators, utilities, insurance companies, One Call, government agencies, engineering, agriculture, and many other groups. We seek to inform and educate through dynamic and practical training. By promoting the use of best practices, we serve as a catalyst for change through innovative and impactful education and advocacy.

As a recognized leader in damage prevention nationwide, our group works tirelessly to save lives in Missouri and beyond through outside-the-box solutions and answers to problems facing excavators and utility companies. In addition to training and education, the Missouri Common Ground Alliance participates in outreach initiatives and supports members in local efforts to improve public safety regarding underground utilities and facilities.

2022 Executive Leadership Team

Board meetings occur on a quarterly basis and all stakeholders are encouraged to attend and advance the mission of the Missouri Common Ground Alliance.

Mark Your Calendars

MOCGA Quarterly Board Meetings

Sharing Responsibility

We all share responsibility for safety when it comes to digging. We’ll work with you to identify and support the use of Best Practices for preventing damage to underground facilities while keeping your people safe.

The Missouri Common Ground Alliance, our members, stakeholders, and supporting organizations all share the following responsibilities during the excavation process:

More than ever, we need to improve communication and coordination among those who can impact the excavation process.

Collaborating & Unifying

By creating a unified environment for collaboration among underground facility owners, contract locators, design professionals, Missouri One Call, excavators, contractors, regulators, and other responsible parties, we can improve damage prevention that affects:

Grassroots support and participation is the foundation upon which we must build a successful damage prevention program in Missouri.

Certifications We Provide

The MO CGA offers FREE training and certifications that our stakeholders need the most. Since 2011, the MO CGA has provided more than $5 million in completely free damage prevention and excavation safety training to thousands of stakeholders across the U.S.

Our certifications include, but are not limited to:

Join Us in Safety

Interested in becoming a member? Contact us today.

We meet regularly to assess progress and create new opportunities to expand. Our group welcomes the contributions of any stakeholder in our industry. If you’d like to become involved in an organization committed to a truly noble purpose, please contact us and a member of our team will connect with you.