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Join Us at the Missouri CGA 2023 Summit

December 6 & 7, 2023

The Missouri Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention & Excavation Safety Summit is a national event that brings together America’s strongest stakeholders to engage in world-class education, networking, and industry development.

Summit Details

DATE: December 6th & 7th

WHERE: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds 3001 N Grant Ave. Springfield, MO

HOTEL: Oasis Convention Center


DNR & DHSS Credits: Pending

Who Attends

Stakeholders and vendors from across the spectrum come together for the Summit to learn, network, and interact. Professional contractors, utility personnel, municipal utilities, safety and risk management professionals and many others across countless industries take advantage of the FREE training offered by the MO CGA.

What You'll Learn

We offer several ways to explore, learn and connect with others during the summit, including free classes and seminars, speakers, and networking opportunities.

Some of our classes last year included:

Free Classes & Seminars


Networking Opportunities

Join Us Today

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Participant registration opens October 1, 2023