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Multimedia Resources


The Missouri Common Ground Alliance provides free multimedia resources for professional development, including Tailgate Talks, training documents, educational videos, and photos from the Missouri CGA Damage Prevention & Excavation Safety Summit.

Tailgate Talks

Make sure to take advantage of our educational and resourceful collection of safety guides—thoughtfully crafted and written to ensure best practices across an expansive variety of jobs and sites.


Pre-Excavation Damage Prevention Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist the excavator, supervisor, safety manager, and all job site personnel safely conduct an… READ MORE

Trenching & Excavation Safety Checklist

This checklist covers regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration… READ MORE


Safe Digging

5 Safety Tips for Trenching

Machine Safety Excavation

Worker Safety in Trenches


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April is Dig Safe Month

Springtime in the Ozarks… the grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and the thought of outdoor projects are on your mind… VIEW
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What's the Awful Smell Keeping You Safe?

Natural gas coming out of the ground is odorless. You can’t smell it, you can’t see it, and before it was odorized there was a gas leak… VIEW
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Gas Rodeo | CU Curious

The rodeo event consists of four different qualifying events: the pipe cut, service, pit dig and we also need to… VIEW

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Protect Your Family | CU Curious

Electricity can be very hazardous. This is some of the items that linemen use to protect themselves. Of course leather gloves… VIEW

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811 Bike Entrance Video for the 2013 MO CGA Damage Prevention Summit

Ladies and gentlemen, for the very first time at the Missouri Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention and Excavation… VIEW

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MO CGA Hosts Damage Prevention and Excavation Safety Summit

You know the slogan “call before you dig”? Well that advice still stands strong for homeowners, but what about when you’re on the job… VIEW

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MO CGA Safety Summit 2015

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A Word About the 2013 MO CGA Safety Summit

My name is Derek Leffert and I am the 2013 chairmen of the Missouri Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention and Excavation… VIEW

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Looking For What's Below

Utility companies are required in the interest of public safety to mark underground facilities for homeowners and contractors… VIEW

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